Focus on what matters

We enable you to have complete oversight of your players' improvement journey while allowing you to focus on the job you love: coaching.

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Fast, insightful analysis

View your player's complete performance in one place. Validate your assumptions and demonstrate results with over 90 insights at your fingertips.


Keep players focused

Know what your players are doing, when they're doing it and to what level. As your players upload their data, we'll monitor this activity and provide you with a comprehensive report, allowing you to make meaningful decisions fast and keep players on track.


More progress, less time

Using artificial intelligence and automation we'll provide you with two to three specific opportunity areas that will have the largest impact on your player’s overall score. Time saved here enables more focus on improvement.


Clear improvement, enhanced motivation

Comprehensive statistics and clear goals make it easy to identify improvement areas. Transparent results show players that the work they are putting in has measurable effects.

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USD $49/month
USD $19/month (limited time)
Coach dashboard to save time keeping up to date with player activity
Complete player analysis including strokes gained per shot. Allowing you to analyse their performance in each skill category.
Player practice goals to keep players focused and on track.
Shot by shot on course analysis, including strokes gained
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