Dominate your game

For players who are ready to take their game to the elite level, this is our ultimate programme. You'll partner with our team of industry specialists to open up your elite mindset.

Fast, focused and effective

Aimed at the sub 85 players, Institute of Golf Consult delivers maximum results in minimum time. We arrive with an expert team, surrounding you with dedicated resource to open your elite mindset and achieve accelerated results. If you’re aiming at a scholarship, or want to take your game to pro level, this short-term injection of professional training is precisely what you need.

A personalised performance plan

Our experience has shown that the best way for elite players to rapidly improve is to follow a personalised, structured plan. This needs to be focused on the two or three specific areas that will have the largest improvement on your overall score.

Our insights are based on objective data, feeding into improvement opportunities that can be achieved realistically, these include:

• Analysis of shot-by-shot performance data from competitive rounds
• Comparison of player data to relevant benchmarks 
• With player permission, we also use technical performance in practice: e.g. Trackman, K-Vest and SAM Puttlab

This enables us to provide the technical insight that will accelerate your performance and take your game to the next level, including opportunities, potential interventions and actions, and suggested timeline.

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