Shaping the game's future together

Using the power of technology, we provide associations and academies with insights and solutions that drive meaningful outcomes.

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Expertise at your fingertips

We partner with progressive organisations to design and implement meaningful change, setting them up for success. We do this by supplying on-demand, short-term injections of expertise, either remotely or in-house, empowering key stakeholders to achieve their goals.

The new face of the global game

As the game evolves, we are here to help associations and academies navigate the key forces shaping tomorrow’s game. Partnering with the Institute of Golf allows these organisations to augment what they do via technology and embrace change. At a time when self-optimisation and a purpose-driven mindset shape the elite game, we enable organisations to thrive in a world of diversity, fun, enjoyment and freedom.

Objective, secure, insightful

Our objective expertise and secure, modern technology enable you to make smarter decisions at every level. With a comprehensive understanding of players’ and coaches’ performance, and comparative models from our data, you gain complete oversight and actionable insight.

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