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Our objective is simple: to support and empower you in ways that will optimise your performance and gain a competitive edge.

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Start With Insight

We use leading data-analytics techniques to accurately measure and track your underlying performance across all areas of your game, including comprehensive strokes-gained reports.


Enabling Improvement

We use performance benchmarks that let us build a picture of what you should be aiming for in each skill area. These benchmarks will change over time as your game develops and improves, continually keeping you on the path of improvement.


Bridge Your Performance Gap

Understanding precisely how you compare to your performance benchmarks lets us prioritise areas to work on, focusing on those with the largest impact on score reduction.


Preparation Drives Performance

We provide you with the tools to make training time-efficient and highly effective. These include automated tracking of on-course performance to help set bespoke practice goals, and training tracking with automated performance reports.



Everything you need to understand your game with strokes gained analysis.


Shot by shot on course analysis, including strokes gained
Select a benchmark to work towards
Automated tracking toward your goal
Connect with your coach to view your strokes gained analysis
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USD $49/month
USD $19/month (limited time)
Reach your goals faster with deep insights, automatic practice and tracking.


All functionality within FREE membership
Detailed analysis including per shot strokes gained analysis
Artificial Intelligence to suggest areas for improvement
Personalised practice targets tailored to achieve your goal faster
Monitor progress against detailed performance metrics

Guiding you to the next level

Institute of Golf Coach believes enjoyment leads to achievement, a philosophy that ensures the game is healthy and growing. Our PGA coaches share their knowledge and experience across all age groups, from beginner to intermediate skill level, guiding you to bring out your best game.

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Dominate your game

Institute of Golf Consult provides technical insight and analysis to accelerate your performance and take your game to the next level.  We do this through short-term, high-intensity injections of expertise for you and your key team members, empowering you to open up your elite mindset.

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