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Using the power of data to understand where you're starting from, what you're aiming for and how to bridge the gap between them.

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Usable insight

We start by breaking down your performance from recent rounds. Capturing objective data, including analysis of shot-by-shot performance from competitive and casual rounds, this enables you to understand your all-round performance level at any time.

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Focused score reduction

Key improvement areas and opportunities are identified using our deep insight of each player's strengths and weaknesses, combined with the power of automation and artificial intelligence. To accelerate your improvement, we suggest key areas to focus on as well as practice goals that will have the biggest impact on your overall score.


Collaboration powers progress

Our approach to improvement is holistic and inclusive. The platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface enables your data, insights and direction to be shared automatically with your team. It makes tracking progress easy, encouraging team-wide collaboration and engagement.

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For Players

Gain valuable insight to understand your complete performance level at any time. These insights will reveal the key improvement areas that will accelerate score reduction in your game.

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For Coaches

We provide insights that will make it easy for you to understand your players' current performance level, identify key improvement areas and track their progress.

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"I am where I am today because of the help, support and guidance of the Institute of Golf and its team"

Lydia Ko

Former World #1