Analysing your statistics

The strokes gained trend graphs show a time series of your performance in each category over the last x rounds with the blue dots being your actual performance for that round and the blue line showing the rolling average of your last x rounds combined to that point.

If you are an amateur then the strokes gained figures shown are an indication of how many shots you gained or lost against the average expected performance of a scratch handicapper. If you are a professional then it shows this against the average expected performance of a PGA tour pro.

So for example, if you get a value for one of your rounds for strokes gained driving of -0.7 then that means the cumulative performance of all the drives you hit in that round were 0.7 shots worse off than the average performance of the category you are comparing yourself to.

The average scratch or professional performance is highlighted by the orange dotted line along the 0 point on the x-axis. In addition, the solid orange line shows the performance level you need to achieve in that category in order to reach the level of the benchmark you have set for yourself.

Radar Graph

How to read the radar graph

The radar graphs give you a visual representation of your performance as measured by the strokes gained metric. The dotted orange line shows the 0 point of strokes gained which represents either the average performance for a scratch or PGA tour pro depending on whether you are an amateur or professional. The solid orange line shows the level you need to get to in order to achieve the benchmark you have set for yourself and the blue line shows your actual performance.

There are 4 data points on the visual, one each for driving, approaches, short game and putting. If the blue data points are sitting outside the dotted and/or solid orange data points then this means you are outperforming those averages/benchmarks in that category.

The scale of the axis in all 4 directions is identical and is shown on the top half of the y-axis (the line which goes from the centre point to the ‘Drives’ heading.

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