Comparing to your goal

Whilst using the platform you will have a goal set for the level of performance you want to get to. You will then be able to compare your performance on each of the metrics against the benchmark for that goal. This will show you how far away you are from achieving the level of performance required in each category to reach that goal.

For example, if you are an amatuer player who has a goal of becoming a scratch player, your performance will be compared against the benchmark for a scratch player on each metric. For the strokes gained metrics this means a benchmark of 0 strokes gained when measured against the scratch strokes gained model. However, if your goal is set as scratch to pro then you are targeting a level of play which is much higher than that of a scratch golfer. Your benchmarks for the strokes gained metrics will therefore be positive, indicating a level of performance ahead of the average scratch player.

These benchmarks are represented by the solid orange lines in the trend graphs shown above.

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