Entering your first round

To enter a round you’ll need to have stroke data for each shot (the starting lie and length to hole).

Add a round from the bottom right of the screen, completing round details, and filling out the stroke data.

Once complete you’ll be provided a round summary to compare your performance this round to your goal.

Terms that are used

  • Round type: Practice rounds are all rounds played outside of tournaments.
  • Starting lie: The lie condition you took the shot from. Lie information here.
  • Length: The length to the hole from where you took the shot. Length information
  • Shot collection guide: Printable template to make collection of data on course easier. Link to document

Entering data

Round details
  • Enter the round data: date, number of holes and name of course
  • Practice/Tournament refers to if this round was played in official tournament play or not. It allows you to more easily filter these rounds later.

Shot details

  • Enter the lie and length for each shot.
  • To add a shot to click the add shot button below the last shot added.
  • Navigate back and forth between holes with the “next hole” button on the bottom right or the scorecard tab at the top.

Reviewing data

Round summary

Once you have entered your round data you can review your performance across a range of traditional metrics as well as your more advanced and in-depth strokes gained results.

If you are an amateur player then your strokes gained results show you the number of shots per round you lose or gain against the average scratch handicapper. If you are a professional then it is the number of shots per round you lose or gain against the average PGA tour player.

You will have also selected a benchmark for the level of performance you are trying to get to. You will also see the benchmark value for each metric as well as how far above or below that level you are based on current performance.

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